Transparent mobile phone case without eyelets
Transparent mobile phone case without eyelets

Transparent mobile phone case without eyelets

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Cell phone model:iPhone 11

Care instructions


We strongly recommend that you avoid using disinfectants. These can quickly turn our cell phone cases or necklaces yellow or cause the beads to fade.

Light or transparent cases

At MOAO we would like to draw your attention to the fact that light or transparent cell phone cases can rub off when in contact with dark clothing such as jeans. It is therefore advisable to avoid contact with dark textiles if possible. Please understand that we cannot guarantee this.

General instructions for use

We would like to emphasize that we cannot guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. Please always handle your smartphone with caution. Scratches can be caused by small particles that can get into the phone case when it is used and carried. It is strongly recommended to clean the phone case and chain regularly with a soft cloth. Use at your own risk; we exclude any liability.

Wooden bead necklaces

MOAO presents handmade wooden bead necklaces colored from natural materials. Natural irregularities in structure and color are normal. To preserve beauty, we recommend avoiding contact with strong sources of moisture, perfume, mosquito repellent and disinfectants. Please note that color variations are possible in the online shop.

How do you clean link chains?

Cleaning MOAO link chains is pretty easy. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to gently remove dirt and debris. Then rinse the chain thoroughly and dry it carefully to avoid water stains. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaning agents to preserve the beauty of the link chain .


Regarding our high-quality products at MOAO , it is important to emphasize that both cell phone chains and bracelets are extremely sensitive to cosmetics. We strongly recommend avoiding direct contact with creams, hairspray, perfumes and similar products to preserve the beauty and quality of our items.


It is recommended to store MOAO cell phone chains and bracelets in a dry place. Moisture can alter the material, so it is important to protect it from excessive moisture.

Allergic reaction

Please note that the beads, carabiners, rings, etc. offered at MOAO are not made of real silver or gold. Improper care or use may cause discoloration. There is also the possibility of nickel residue, which in extreme cases can trigger an allergic reaction. Please care for your jewelry appropriately to preserve its beauty.

Be careful with small children

At MOAO , all necklaces are lovingly handcrafted, which is why there may be slight differences from the images, depending on the model or color variant. Caution should be exercised, especially with small children, as our products contain small parts that can easily be swallowed. The safety of our customers, especially the little ones, is important to us.

The MOAO phone case made of crystal clear material, is the perfect accessory for your Apple iPhone. The phone case is clear, has a scratch-resistant coating and radiates the color of your Apple iPhone.

In addition, the crystal clear mobile phone case from MOAO also offers invisible protection for the display and the cameras on the back.

MOAO 14 days return Secure payment
MOAO 14 days return Secure payment

The advantages of our mobile phone cases

  • Scratch-resistant and UV-resistant
  • crystal clear phone case
  • ergonomic mobile phone case
  • Display side protected downwards
  • Camera lenses protected