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Belt "Bold" - Olive Night
Sale price€28,00
Belt "Bold" - Pirate Black
Sale price€28,00
Belt "Bold" - Savannah Tan
Sale price€28,00
Belt "Bold" - Tillandsia Purple
Sale price€28,00
Belt "Bold" - True Blue
Sale price€28,00

Your eye-catching appearance with MOAO straps “BOLD”

The "BOLD" straps from MOAO are more than just accessories. They are statements that underline your style. Our eye-catching designs and high-quality materials make these cell phone bands a must-have for fashion-conscious individualists. Discover how ours "BOLD" straps give your look a unique touch and let them convince you of their quality and versatility.

Why the “BOLD” straps from MOAO are convincing

✓ Striking designs

✓ High quality materials

✓ Versatile uses

✓ Individual expression

Your statement in terms of style

Our "BOLD" straps not only stand out, they are also unique and give your look a special touch. With creative patterns and different color combinations you will attract everyone's attention. The "BOLD" straps are extremely versatile and suitable for different occasions. They can be easily combined and are much more than just a fashion accessory. With the “BOLD” straps from MOAO you can express your individual style. Each strap is a statement that highlights your uniqueness.